Group Project with Silvia Rubini


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Aceso is a wearable medical electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) monitor that allows users to look after their heart health, long-term, without the need for wires or patches that come along with a Holter Monitor. Aceso uses sensor technology which is able to record more than 20 million data points, streaming from the device and back to their smartphones. Aceso is worn as a wristband and can record continuous ECG, heart rate, medication and symptom data. This data can also be shared with any medical professionals. 
Our company wanted to create a device that was easier to use and more cost-effective for anyone suffering from cardiovascular disease. Aceso’s main purpose is to prevent the disease from getting worse so that more people can remain strong and healthy.

The device consists of three stages:
Stage One: Normal bpm.
Stage Two: Once the device identifies that the user’s heart rate is decreasing or increasing rapidly, both the user and emergency contacts are warned ahead of time.
Stage Three: If the user’s heart rate reaches the danger zone, 9-1-1 is immediately contacted, which then gives an automated message of the user’s location, full name, and bpm rate. In addition, any emergency contacts that have been added are messaged on their cellular device as well as to their email giving them details on the user’s heart condition, this includes 24 hour record of the user’s medication and symptoms. In the danger zone, the device will vibrate, change screen, and light up red from the LED lights found behind the device, along with app notifications to both the user and emergency contacts.

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